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Jan. 11, 2023

My Change of Mindset for 2023

My Change of Mindset for 2023

My last blog was about making changes for 2023 and how you may want to make adjustments to how your step family functions and how you feel.

I thought I would share some of my changes I have made in all areas of my life. As I said before the changes you make don’t have to be directly related to parenting. The way you feel about yourself physically and mentally can have a positive impact on you and everyone around you. 

Ok let’s get started.

So what did I change?

- I changed my diet and started eating much more healthy. 

- I'm exercising more than I ever have done

- My thoughts and feelings are positive 

- I'm thankful for what I have and have started appreciating things more

This might sound like a lot of changes in a short time. But if these areas of my life have been suffering for a little while, then it's possible to have a mass sort out of how you want to reshape what’s in front of you. 

My first change for this year was to start looking after myself physically. Feeling unhappy about how you look is so very common and many people have felt this way. I started working out what meals I would have that were not only healthy but also made more sense financially as well. I ordered more vegetables and fruit to add to my revised diet. I have to be honest that it made my mind feel better as well as my body. 

Extending my exercise time has improved not only my health but I feel fitter as well. Longer dog walks and working out motivates me to start my day feeling positive and good about myself. 

This is all because of my mindset and what I wanted to achieve for myself. I made the changes for me and how I wanted it to make me feel. You can make these changes as well. It doesn’t have to be a huge change. Small steps at your own pace is fine. 

Step parenting is so hard and challenging but doesn’t mean you can’t tackle it full on in a positive and determined way. But you need to feel good about yourself and who you are. 

Ask yourself:

What is it you want?

How do you want to feel?

What do you love about yourself?

How can you feel better about your parenting?

You can do anything you want if you have the right attitude and mindset. Hold yourself to account and seek support from friends and family and live the life you deserve. 

Allow yourself time and give your self permission to feel good about YOU.