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Coaching Packages


Coaching for single parent

1 hour £99

3 hours £295

6 hours £580


Coaching for couples

1 hour £149

3 hours £430

6 hours £850


All coaching sessions are via Zoom online. 

Packages can be tailored to suit the individual client. If you require weekly or monthly sessions over an extended period, then we can discuss your requirements during your free consultation call.

Coaching is a conversation based approach to moving someone from where they are now to where they want to be. 

Parent coaching can help with a multitude of issues including transitions and changes. You will be encouraged and supported until you reach the goals you are wanting to achieve.


Many of my clients often tell me that when they are struggling with something within their step family they tend to keep their feelings to themselves. When I challenge my client to approach their partner to discuss how they feel, there is often a silence or a look of horror, like I have asked them to jump out of a plane or survive in a jungle for a week. 


Why do we find it so hard to communicate with our partners? Or is it just the more difficult issues that we find such a struggle to discuss with our partners. Are we worried about what the outcome might be or what our partner might say.

So do we just carry on and put these feelings and emotions to the back of our mind? Should we just file them in our filing cabinet within our minds? The answer is no. It will resurface at some point and you will be back to where you’re now, but probably more frustrated than you're now. 

How could sharing your feelings with your partner benefit you? 

Maybe your partner doesn’t know how you feel or how this is affecting you. If they did then they can work with you to change things for the better. You would be so surprised how many of my  clients report back with fantastic and positive feedback once they have discussed their feelings and emotions with their partner.

The first step is knowing what you need to make your partner aware of.

The coaching packages I offer can help, support and encourage you to make this first step. We discuss what it is you would like to achieve and set a course of how to get there. Coaching is taking you from where you are today to where you want to be.