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My Past Clients


After just one coaching session with Martin I came away feeling positive and confident. With his guidance I gained clarity on my goal and set in place a clear and achievable plan. 

A Smallman 

   I had a first session with Martin on which he helped me tackling insecurities around social events and confidence. He has a calm and easy going spirit that makes him very easy to talk to.
I would recommend him since one powerful first session made me feel more positive and relieved about my fears. Resourcing back to my strengths and encouraging me to generate simple ideas and actions that I'm sure will support me in those and other situations.

A Gomez

Hi Martin, wanted to thank you for our session on overwhelm. I really could not find the answer within me, and even if I saw the issue, couldn't see what next. Now I can see more clear.  It was so helpful, and I thought of it longer and realised what I need to prioritise and when, to avoid overwhelm. Thank you for getting to the root issue of my problem and my thinking! It was great!

A Nasri

I had 2 sessions with Martin over 2 weeks, for some deep rooted Anxiety which has always been ‘a thing’ but has become more prominent in my life the last few years.

The first session really made me question why I felt the way I did, and that stuck with me all week – self analysing and trying to make sense of things. It made me aware of certain language and self talk I was creating and how that manifested. Martin is great at identifying the issues and blocks and helping you to view it with fresh perspective, questioning the self beliefs or ways you think about a situation.


During the second session I felt I was able to separate aspects of my life and where things were stemming from. It gave me a sense of control over the way I was feeling and was so very empowering. In such a short time, Martin has helped me understand why these feelings were persisting and what it is in my life I need to address and change in order to bring harmony and balance. It’s been such a positive experience, and something I feel I can continue to build on in all aspects of my life! I feel lighter, and in greater control of my own mindset. I’m so impressed – I would highly recommend Martin to others!

C. Myers

Martin is an amazing coach. I had a coaching session with him because I was feeling really blocked and unmotivated about an issue I was having with my business. Martin has a real knack for asking really powerful questions that get you thinking about your issue in a completely different way. After just one session with Martin I felt completely unstuck and really excited and motivated about my business. I would highly recommend Martin as a coach.


I highly enjoyed working with Martin towards my goal. His positive attitude, attention to detail and engagement has helped to boost my confidence moving forward. After the session with Martin I felt extremely motivated to follow the daily schedule that he has helped me create. Martin is the perfect person to help you stay focused on your goal!

 E Cirvinskaite

As per my the first coaching session I really felt inspiring about being clear with my goals

and desires, instead of an abstract objective in which I can now measure I the

possibilities/options raised were really incredible as I start “thinking outside of my box” or

my regular thoughts/confort zone.

Having clear what 10/10 looks like had changed my perspective on seen how is my

definition os successful  and sustainable coaching business. By the end of the coaching

session I walked and have even more insights that I have never thought about even asking


E Kuan

I approached Martin for Business Coaching.

I was feeling stuck in the area of getting paid customers.  Our session was thorough and effective, as Martin allowed me to explore and appreciate my current situation.  He encouraged me to delve deeper into ways that I was optimizing my lead generation, with a view of considering and opening up to new ideas.

As a result of this session, I was able to come away with 3 specific actions plans that I am open to implementing immediately.

L Macridis

You clarified what I wanted to accomplish for the session, listened mindfully, asked relevant questions and provided insight in the appropriate way. Also ended by asking me for specific action steps to reach my training goals. I feel more confident now that I will get my certification and grow my business.

L Wholley

Martin was very good at keeping me on track and bringing me back to my goal when I felt I would go off on a tangent.

He helped me think about the goal and clarify in my mind how I envision the scenario at the end of the year which was my time goal. So by doing this it has definitely cemented in my mind why I have the goal in the first place. I feel much clearer in my own mind.

Good meeting. Thank you.

M Hall

Martin’s approach was friendly and made me feel very at ease and able to talk freely about my concerns and problems. Without realising it I was able to open up and along with suggesting I made notes this also helped me to keep the focus I need to get where I want to be in life. Martin gave advice without instruction and really got me to think about what I feel are the more important things in my life. I am truly grateful and cannot recommend him highly enough.

N Hope

I found Martin to be very friendly, but always maintaining a professional approach to our sessions.  He was always prompt to our sessions and kept good lines of communication open when arranging our appointments. 

The session was really fluid, and I didn’t feel awkward, or pressured at all.  I felt that the questions that he asked me made me actually break down how I was going to get to my goal and helped me to organise how and when I would be able to achieve it.  I was comfortable with his approach and really enjoyed the session. 

R Trafford

Although I only had one session with Martin, I found that his coaching was very effective in helping me to reflect on what is going on in my life currently, what is important to me, and how I would like my life to be. In particular, his technique of selecting vocabulary I used  frequently through out the session enabled me to think about how I was operating subconsciously , and what are my limiting beliefs. By doing this it has liberated me to reprioritise what is important in my life and not feel guilty about it. I now feel confident that I have a plan to move forward, and  can change things positively. I found Martin’s informal yet incisive approach was really helpful, and I felt secure and confident to talk freely and honestly, which was important in achieving an outcome of real value.

As a trainee coach myself, I also felt I learned a lot from Martin. His questioning was extremely skilled, and whilst he did not overtly go through the stages of GROW, I discovered that by the end of the session we had covered all the stages, and most importantly reached a point I was happy with. However, it felt completely organic, unscripted and focused on me and what I was working through- something I am try to achieve myself currently, but struggle with confidence to be completely spontaneous without losng track of where I’m going with it.

S Hoare

Martin was very warm and friendly, swiftly putting me at ease at the beginning of our session. He asked insightful questions that helped me refine my thinking and better define my goals. I finished our session feeling positive about overcoming the challenges ahead of me, as Martin had helped me establish what feels to be an achievable plan.

V Buxton

The coaching session with Martin helped me better understand what I have to focus on in my coaching career. Martin helped me to find different tools that I can use to advertise my practice. Because of his powerfull questions now I have clear plan to action (we’ve created the plan on our session).
Thank you, Martin! It was pleasure to work together!

Y Novak