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Step dad role and the added pressure

I recently had a coaching session with Martin about my concerns of not being able to establish my role as a step dad. Martin helped me see that I don’t need to force a role or create one but allow myself just to grow into it. The pressure I put on myself was having a negative affect on my relationship with my partner. To now feel I can take things more slowly and let things happen more naturally is a huge relief. Thank you so much to Martin I’m now feeling more at ease.

Moving forward and not staying stuck

This is so me for the last 6 years. I haven’t moved forward at all and it feels awful. Thank you for your recording as it has helped me to start thinking about what I want and how to get it. Staying where I am is making me feel so negative and having a bad impact on my relationship. Loving your podcasts.

Outsider Syndrome Podcast

I am currently struggling with this and to listen to your podcast helped me to understand and deal with this. Thank you so much for this excellent helpful resource.