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And Step Parent World is where I share tips, advice and my own experiences of being a step parent and a biological parent.

What started as a passion for helping other step parents has turned into a full time business, including weekly podcasts, Q&A sessions, articles and coaching sessions with my clients (I’m a certified step parent coach working with individuals and couples in my private practice).

I’m a father to an 18 year old son Oliver and step father to two adult step daughters, and live in the south east of England with my partner Dawn, our dogs Milly and Boo and our two cats Bandit and Belle.

My aim in creating Step Parent World is to use my experience and knowledge to help step parents and their families lead a life they truly want and deserve. I hope you find Step Parent World helpful and I look forward to sharing the journey with you.


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What you'll find me working on....

I’m passionate about creating a strong community of step parents, bio parents and anyone involved with the unique challenges of building strong and healthy step families.  Most weeks you’ll find me working on a variety of different Step Parent World channels, including:

    • Step Parent World Podcast  – I’ve been lucky enough to interview some amazing step parents and bio parents on the weekly Step Parent World podcast. Topics have included everything from parent guilt to high conflict exes and everything in between. If you would like to be a guest on the podcast please get in touch at martin@stepparentworld.com
    • Articles  – the Step Parent World archive of articles and other content is growing every day. Make sure you sign up to be notified of all our new content as and when it’s published.
    • Step Parent Q&A  – My upcoming membership group includes a special Step Family Q&A open to all members, whether you’re a step parent, bio parent, adult step child or family member. If you have a step family question you would like me to answer in the upcoming membership group, please email: martin@stepparentworld.com
    • Step Parent Family Facebook Group  – join other step parents to discuss all things step family, find support or just a place to vent your feelings in the private Step Parent Family Facebook Group. Click here to join

I regularly update the Step Parent World library of resources for step parents and their families so please do sign up to make sure you’re kept up to date with SPW news as and when it happens.



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The Team

Martin Lock Step Family coach |www.martinlock.com


Martin is the Founder of Step Parent World. He writes on a variety of topics that affect step families, based on experiences of being a step dad and as a certified step parent coach. He hosts the regular podcast –  Step Parent World – talking to step parents and parenting experts around the world. He lives in the UK with his partner Dawn. He loves long walks with his dogs, all things boats and supports Chelsea FC.


Mum of two, Dawn is a contributing writer for Step Parent World and appears on the Step Parent World podcast, as well as being in charge of website design. She is a Clinical Hypnotherapist trained in Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), and author (100 Daily Affirmations for Women, Sleepy-Time Stories). She hosts her own podcast –  Essentially Women


Milly and Boo are essential team members, offering lots of cuddles and unconditional love and support. Milly is a rescue Lab-Collie cross, while Boo is a cocker spaniel.


Belle and Bandit work part time as office lap warmers (when they feel like it) but most of the time it feels like we’re working for them – as door openers, food delivery service and attention providers! 

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