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May 13, 2023

Do you feel you are enough?

Do you feel you are enough?

What is enough?

As a step parent how often do you question if what you are doing is enough?

What is enough?

I remember that I often used to ask myself if I could be doing more or getting more involved.

Why did i feel this way?

In life it’s always nice to have someone tell you that you are doing a 'good job' or 'you’re doing brilliantly'. 

As a step parent who tells us this?

My advice

Tell yourself that you are doing all you can. Talk to people around you and ask them for their opinion on how you’re  handling your role within your step family. Parenting is never the same and changes over time as the children get older and you grow into your role. Different situations with arise and need different levels of parenting which may involve the other parents. 

Give your self permission to make mistakes and feel ok about them as this is how we learn. There is no handbook for parents to follow or look into so we can find the correct answers. If you find yourself struggling as we all do at some point, seek help and advice from your partner of other parents. Talk to people who have been there before and experienced the same issues as you. Search online for help and tips on if you need to. The internet is full of articles and stories from parents and experienced professionals.

So yes you are enough,


You are doing enough,

So pat yourself on the back and feel good about yourself.